Atlas!!! summer is here once again, now we have all the reasons to wear a "Bare-it-all-attire" without looking too flashy. Lets start with the perfect colors suited for the season, first what do you imagine when you hear the word "SUMMER"? yes i know sun, sky, waves, and so much more, to reflect this elements with fashion lets integrate their colors, for the sun a bright yellow or orange can be used, this colors reflects the sizzling and hotness of the sun, wearing bright colors is a must for this season which can pop you out from the crowd. If you prefer the cooler side like the waves and the ocean the Blue and green hues will suite you perfectly, these colors reflects calmness and serenity. Floral pattern is also in for this season wearing them reflects your bubbly side.

However summer is not just about the clothes and fashion trends, be aware that the Sun's heat can also cause serious problems if we won't be too careful, if your planning to have a tan to be hipped this summer or to stay outdoors then better use a good tanning and sunscreen lotion which has a minimum of 30 SPF but this doesn't mean that because you have a higher SPF lotion you can stay longer under the sun without re-applying, according to the study of the FDA No matter which level of sunscreen is used, the guidelines for use and application are the same. When using any level of SPF always reapply after every 2 hours since perspiration and water can wear off even waterproof formulas and once sun protection is on the skin, the bonds begin to breakdown the instant it is exposed to sunlight. Wear protective clothing, such as hats and cover-ups, especially for those with sensitive skin. Always remember to wear a sunscreen even cloudy days, since clouds does not block the UV rays which the sun emits, so basically cloudy days wont take you off the hook from serious skin problems.

To have a hot sizzling look for the summer always remember the "LESS IS MORE" rules, since the heat of the sun is stronger this season perspiring is a number one problem, you don't want to look like your melting under the sun do you? so avoid using thick foundations this can only contributes with your perspiring, instead accentuate your glowing skin by brushing on a light shimmering powder this way you will look like a golden goddess without the heavy and messy feeling on your face. To keep your lips luscious try using a shiny lip gloss with enough moisturizer and vitamin e to avoid your lips from chapping. If your planning to use a mascara always remember "WATERPROOF" never ever used a mascara that is not waterproof especially if your planning to go to the beach, unless you want to look like a Raccoon, and lastly top your look with a shimmery bronze or gold eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes.

Summer is like a one-time-season, before you know it its gone so to make the best out of this hot season we must enjoy every second of it, but bare in mind that we should always be careful and keep a healthy way of spending our summer, drink plenty of water and avoid staying out too long under the sun, follow the my simple tips. Take time to sit back, relax and enjoy time with your friends and family.


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